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หัวข้อ: On The Verge II
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On The Verge II presents you the story of the conflict between a simple guy and a Russian maniac with preferential abilities. After the defeat in the city of Chersk, when the maniac was shot by a police patrol, HE was awarded a second chance, which fate gave him as a consolation prize. This time he will do everything in his power to end you once and for all.
Throughout the conflict you will see all the horrors of injustice: broken dreams, numerous victims and emotional tragedies. Will the antagonist be able to change for the better or will things only get worse? Make it a question for You, not a pile of dust..

GENRE: Action, Indie
DEVELOPER: 229Production
PUBLISHER: 229Production
RELEASE DATE: 29 Jul, 2020


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หัวข้อ: Re: On The Verge II
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On The Verge II (HOODLUM|6GB)

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